How to Sell on a Walmart eCommerce Store

By: Katie Melissa

Since the rise of the online marketplace, has only offered items found in its brick-and-mortar stores. However, to keep up with the runaway success of Amazon marketplace, Walmart launched Walmart Marketplace. This opened up the platform to third-party sellers allowing for millions of products to be sold by third-party vendors.

What is Walmart ECommerce?

As’s ecommerce grows (it saw 79% ecommerce growth in 2020), a lot of people are jumping on opening their own Walmart ecommerce store by becoming a third-party seller. Moreover, roughly 80,000 third party sellers use different selling models including: dropshipping, wholesale, and private label.

Walmart is continuing to grow and therefore investing heavily in the ecommerce space; and third-party sellers are seeing huge success, selling everything from home goods, kitchen goods, toys, games, baby products, beauty products and even groceries.

How to Apply for a Walmart ECommerce Business

While the application process is somewhat more detailed with more documentation required, potential sellers should have the following ready: 

Be sure to check Walmart’s catalog of prohibited products from these resources:

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